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massage training 

GL luxury spa certificates intended for Estheticians or Massage Practitioners
formation massage
Your  trainer: Gabriel Laurent
Assessment and training for spa staff
Your massage session 
Gabriel Laurent luxury spa certificate
Gabriel Laurent: years at the service of Parisian palaces

I was a massage practitioner for five years at the Plaza Athénée hotel but also in many other Palaces where I regularly intervened as a Freelance. In 2010, I became manager of the Gabriel Laurent company, which for years was the leading company in well-being services for luxury Parisian spas.  The company thus represented more than 50 practitioners in massages, aesthetics, hairdressing and coaching that I managed according to the requests of the hotels. This activity allowed me to talk to more than 500 independents wishing to work in partner hotels of my company. I tested the latter in order to assess their level of skills and to determine if they had the profile for interventions in the homes of customers or in luxury hotels. Some spa managers of these palaces entrusted me with training their teams directly within their wellness areas, others asked me for advice and evaluations from their teams in order to know their level of skills in order to improve their technique. massage. During 2015, I started to collaborate with service companies in order to offer them my skills as recruiters. I have matured the idea of becoming a trainer during all these years, a desire that I chose to realize in 2016.  

Purpose of the training

I therefore offer this training for beauticians and wellness massage practitioners wishing to integrate luxury spas around the world. My mission is to perfect your massage techniques , teaching you to mix the different protocols learned in school so that you can develop a massage that is unique to you. My goal is to make you a real added value for luxury hotels and spas as well as for your personal customers. Developing a fluid and harmonious massage will allow you to meet the expectations of a high-end clientele. Luxury service professions, on the other hand, require an impeccable attitude and flair for presentation . The Coaching sessions included in the training will allow you to meet these requirements. I will also prepare you for job interviews, allowing you to benefit from my long experience as a practitioner and trainer in luxury hotels and spas in Paris.

To whom is it addressed  Training ?

This training is intended for practitioners who already have good massage techniques. In order to determine if your profile is suitable for my training, an evaluation of your level will be offered to you before starting any process.  

I wish during this weekend to share with you all  my experience spent in the most beautiful Parisian palaces both as a massage practitioner but also as a business manager working in close collaboration with the spas managers of the various Parisian hotels.

Conditions  Training 

This training will be limited to six participants in order to ensure optimal learning conditions and individual follow-up focused on exchange. My goal is not to teach you new massage protocols but to develop and improve your personal massage as well as to erase any bad habits that I often have the opportunity to observe when I test freshly released masseurs. school. 

Our exchange will not stop at the end of our weekend. I offer you a follow-up including a two-hour individual meeting that will allow us to refine some of your techniques for your final exam. This exam, carried out in a luxury 4 or 5 star spa, will validate your training and lead to the issuance of your certificate. 

Training program   Gabriel Laurent luxury spa certification 

Before training
  :  Evaluation  free of your level and skills 
. Massage protocol adapted to a demanding clientele

2 . Learning at  internal protocol  luxury hotels.   

3 . Attitude and presentation

4 . Customer analysis in order to  best respond to  their requests 

5 . Questions / Tips   

Obtaining the certificate after validation of the massage protocol as well as the internal protocol of luxury hotels.

After training:

Free individual meeting of 2 hours to refine your protocol. 

Final exam with a view to obtaining your certificate within 3 months of your training.  

Assessment and training for spa staff
Services  to the luxury hotel industry having  a wellness area

The success of a spa and a wellness area depends on:   

- management   

- recruitment (treatment and massage techniques offered, attitude, internal protocol, salaries)   

- prices and services offered to your customers.   

- from space   


I  offer you  several packages adapted to your needs:

Formula  1: Testing and evaluation of your staff  


Each of your employees will be evaluated during a 45 to 60 minute massage. I will thus judge his customer reception, his attitude as well as his massage techniques.

Evaluation report
At the end of this test, you will receive a written and reasoned opinion of what needs to be improved. This evaluation may also take place in the form of a mystery shopper in order to maximize its effectiveness.

This formula also includes my analysis of the quality of your wellness area (equipment, layout and chosen pricing) which must be adapted to the clientele you are targeting.

Formula  2 :  Evaluation  and staff training

Following the assessment of your various employees, each of them will receive personalized training in order to improve their techniques and customer care.  I developed this training based on the requirements of luxury hotels and spas in  who I sent my staff of practitioners for five years. It therefore fully complies with the very selective criteria of the luxury well-being market. 

I will provide my training to your employees in small groups. These groups will include practitioners of the same level (level that I will have determined beforehand during their evaluations), so that my teaching is as beneficial to them as possible.  

Session  Massage 
Ancre 1

See prices

If my activity as a tester and recruiter has taken precedence today over my activity as a practitioner, as a practitioner in wellness massages, I keep a small and privileged clientele that I have been massing for years.
I like to develop relationships of trust and sharing with my clients and I want to create new ones.

I will be happy to offer you my services as a wellness massage practitioner directly at my apartment, at your home or at your hotel.


My apartment is for women only, men are only accepted on recommendation.

I offer you a personalized session according to your expectations and your needs (relaxing massage, massage  Deep  Tissue  tonic,   foot massage,  pre and post natal, leg drainage, tailor-made massage: you choose the parts you want to have a massage,  restorative massage where we work your daily tensions in depth on specific areas  and my specialty "the emotional experience on the beat of music."

  I will put at your service my years of experience spent in the most prestigious Parisian hotels. 4 Sonos brand speakers will immerse you in a totally timeless session, far from your daily stress.  



                              Service  in  trip or weekend  


You go often and you want  I accompany you for your sessions  massage at the place of your  vacation :
contact me to make a personalized quote: 

Massages rates





- Dans tous les cas, votre première venue commence avec cette offre découverte : 

-Elle comprend l'entretien à votre arrivée qui détermine vos besoins réels à la fois physiologiques mais aussi psychologiques.

- Le choix des huiles corps et de l'ambiance olfactive.

- Votre séance de sauna infrarouge de 20 minutes suivi d'une douche. 

- Votre expérience massage  60, 90 ou 120 minutes.

- Votre infusion  face à la seine pour une reconnexion en douceur à votre quotidien.

FORMULE 2H30 : 180€    (expérience 60 minutes)

FORMULE 3H : 220€   (expérience 90 minutes)

FORMULE 3H30 : 260€   (expérience 120 minutes) 

Suite à votre offre découverte : vous pouvez vous engager sur un forfait 3, 6 formules ou 12 formules.



Retrouvez tous les avantages de votre offre découverte dans votre forfait 6 formules : 








FORFAIT 6  FORMULES 2H30 : 1080€ 

​FORFAIT 6 FORMULES 3H :  1320€   (220€ par formule)

FORFAIT 6 FORMULES 3H30 :  1560€  (260€ par formule)

Les forfaits peuvent être rêglés en 3x sans frais :  les 3 premières formules que vous faites et sont valables 1 an.

Offrez vous encore plus d'avantages en vous engageant sur un forfait 12 formules :

FORFAIT 12 FORMULES 2H30 : 1920€

FORFAIT 12 FORMULES 2H30 : 2040€ (170€ par formule)

FORFAIT 12 FORMULES 3H : 2520€ ( 210€ par formule) 

Les forfaits peuvent être rêglés en 2,3 ou 6x sans frais :  les premières formules que vous faites et sont valables 1 an.

Conditions de la prise d'un forfait : les forfaits ne sont pas modifiables ni remboursable, il ne sont pas nominatifs , vous pouvez donc permettre a vos amies de bénéficier de vos séances. 


-Elle comprend l'entretien à votre arrivée qui détermine vos besoins réels à la fois physiologiques mais aussi psychologiques.

- Le choix des huiles corps et de l'ambiance olfactive.

- Votre expérience de sonothérapie par le toucher  60, 90 ou 120 minutes.

- Votre infusion  face à la seine pour une reconnexion en douceur à votre quotidien.

FORMULE 2H : 220€ (expérience 60minutes)

FORMULE 2H30 : 260€ (expérience 90minutes) 

FORMULE 3H : 300€ (expérience 120minutes) 


A L'HOTEL : de 9h à 20h : 1H : 350€     1H30 : 450€   2H : 550€  

                         de  20h à 9h :  1H : 500€    1H30 :  700€   2H 900€ 

Le prix comprend : Le transport,  la table de massage, les huiles , l'ambiance sonore "Sonos" 



FORMULE "entres amis"

Cette formule vous permet de privatiser l'appartement entres amis ou en couple avec une séance de sonothérapie par le toucher par personne de la durée de votre choix, un service de thés, tisanes, jus de fruits , abricots secs, figues, dattes vous sera proposé, vous pouvez commander sur place si vous le souhaitez ou  apporter des repas déjà préparés. ( 4 personnes maximum)

3h : 500€

4h : 600€

5h :  700€

6h :  800€

Réduction de 100€ pour une personne ayant un forfait dans l'établissement.

FORMULE  "Midnight in Paris"

La détente absolue :  une formule déstresse et plaisirs luxes.

Formule à partir de 19h le soir réservable 72h à l'avance : 

Accueil  + 2 séances de sauna  avant et après votre séance de sonothérapie par le toucher  + un bain vue sur seine au sel d'Epson accompagnés d'un massage cranien, gommage du dos, coupe de champagne ou de vin,  toasts préparés en amont par une cheffe et douceurs macarons "la durée" 

1h de massage : 350€

1h30 de massage : 400€

2h de massage  : 450€ 

Réduction de 50€ pour une personne ayant un forfait dans l'établissement.

Your masseur-trainer: Gabriel Laurent

A unique experience of the most beautiful Parisian spas and palaces

Passion, integrity, perfectionism

Learning massage in 2005 and 2006 at the Cassiopée institute (seated massage and massage training from around the world)

2006 : Creation of the company “Massadomicile”, the first home experience with customers.

Massage practitioner position from 2007 to 2008 in an Anti Aging and Well-being center in Saint Denis de la Réunion.

2007 to 2014 : Freelance in the most beautiful Parisian palaces and at home

2009 : Thai massage training at Miki School.

Creation in 2010 of the company "Gabriel Laurent" which was from 2010 to 2015 the leader in luxury spa services in Paris with more than 16,000 treatments in 5 years.

This activity allowed me to meet and test more than 500 auto-entrepreneurs wishing to work in my company and thus take care of validating them in the luxury spas partners of my company (in-house training and learning in the LQA protocol)

Some of these hotels have offered me to perform massage techniques for their own teams and massage evaluations and tests of certain people in order to send them to training.

2015/2020  : Managing Partner of the company "Relax Massage Uk" dealing with recruitment and technical upgrading

2013 : Member of the honorary jury of the gold hand competition of the school of spas and institutes.

2006 to date : Member of the French Federation of Well-Being Massage


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From Monday to Sunday            

- 10 a.m. - midnight (tel)  : 0664395343                   25 Quai André Citroen 75015 Paris 


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